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23 Thermidor: Lentille (lentil, Lens culinaris)

Here’s a hard-working legume!  The many varieties of lentil feed quite a lot of the world.  They especially make themselves valuable in vegetarian or low-meat diets: the lentil is high in protein and a good source of iron and B vitamins.  While lentils are deficient in two of the essential amino acids, mixing them with rice or pasta makes for a complete protein profile.  If you are alive, thank a lentil—at the very least, on behalf of your ancestors.

What do lentils like?  They are happiest in cool climates, tolerating some touches of spring frost; they want well-drained soil and not too much rainfall.  Inoculate them with Rhizobium friends—everyone remembers about Fabaceae and the nitrogen cycle?—and keep down their weedy competitors.  And your lentils will repay you.

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